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 We’ll take care of your best friend.

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Booking and Price list

Daily rates for boarding


Dog Boarding

Small dogs $21 per day
Med to large dogs $23 per day

2 Small dogs $40 per day
2 Med to large dogs $42 per day

3 Small dogs $52 per day
3 Med to large dogs $55 per day


Doggy Daycare

1 dog $20 per day

Cat Boarding

1 Cat $14 per day
2 Cats $24 per day
3 Cats $35 per day

Hydrobath $10 per dog
Blow dry $10 per dog

**If you have a dog staying for 7 days or more then hydrobath is free and will be done the morning of collection or the day before**

FIFO prices for regular use
Small, Med or large dog $18 per day
Cat $12 per day

How to calculate your cost: you will be charged from the drop off day until the pickup day, therefore if you drop of on a Monday and pick up on a Friday you will be charged 5 day, or drop off on Tuesday pickup Wednesday you will be charged 2 days.

As of the 30th June 2017 we will be changing our prices and grouping.

That will be Small Dogs $22 per day, Medium Dogs $24 per day and Large Dogs $26 per day. The Cats will also increase to $15 per day. FIFO will increase for dog $19 per day & Cats $13 per day. I hope you all understand the need for the increase. Thank you very much.

Don't forget we offer Pensioner, ADF, Nurses, Paramedics, Fire Fighters and Police discount
*** Prices reviewed on the 30th June each year***